5 Eco-friendly Brands Your Sustainable Hairdresser Recommends


Thanks to companies like Sustainable Salons making hair ‘booms’ to mop up oil spills, the environmental impact of hairdressing is changing. 

Sustainable stylist JADE RAMAEKERS recommends choosing eco-friendly brands for every day gorgeous, natural hair care that is kind to you and the planet. 

Organic and Fairtrade Ingredients

Italian brand Oway Springs, Jade’s “absolute fav”, has been utislising biodynamic, zero-mile, organic, and fair trade ingredients since 1948. 

Alongside an education in natural haircare, Oway Springs kindly takes the hassle out of ingredient lists by teaching conscious consumers how to read the labels on their waste reducing glass bottles, jars and aluminium tubes. 

 Animal and Cruelty Free

As the first professional beauty company to denounce animal testing,  Paul Mitchell has been taking care of our furry friends for over forty years. 

 A leader in cruelty free cosmetic products, the company also has a range of hair colour and hair care options suitable for vegans, so hare’s of all types are winners (yep, I went there).

 High Quality, Low Cost

 Angel Haircare is a small but growing hair care company committed to creating high quality products at low cost

Their products are “natural, organic and cruelty free” says Jade, who after working in the hairdressing industry for over ten years, styles the hair of conscious clients at Biba Salon, a sustainable salon on Auckland’s North Shore. 

Sustainable Beauty 

Family owned Italian company Davines stared as a research laboratory before expanding their own line of high-end cosmetic products world-wide. 

Their zero-impact practices include renewable energy, eco-packaging and 97% biodegradable ingredients, making their methods as luxurious as their products. 

 New Zealand Made

With a focus on clean, natural haircare, New Zealand brand Beauty Dust Co. uses naturally derived ingredients to create responsible hair care products at affordable prices. Supporting the local economy as well as the planet never smelled so good.

As Jade says, “It’s what you do every day that counts.” Choosing brands that are kind to your body and the environment supports everyday sustainability, as well as the salons and companies making hairier impacts. 

To continue your sustainable choices in salon, book a hairdressing consultation with Jade at Biba Salon today.