Here's How To Get The Best From Yoga, Faster

Images of bodies floating into handstands or pouring themselves into backbends can be frightfully beautiful, intimidating or inspiring - depending which way you look at it.

Want to know the secret? Lean in closer and I'll tell you.

The secret is practice.

And photoshop.

Seriously though, practice. Lots and lots of practice. 

But there's more reasons to practice yoga than there are filters for frames of perfect poses (and along the way we realise it was never about the pose anyway).

It can be to build strength and gain flexibility (aka "be able to touch my toes!").

Or to relax body and mind.

Maybe it's to prevent, treat or heal from an injury, or to help manage a diagnosed health condition.

It could be as simple as to just get started, to stick to that New Years resolution , or to know what you're doing before walking into a class.

Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

Or perhaps your too busy to walk into a class and you need to fit a practice in around your own schedule. 

It's possible your an athlete looking to compliment your chosen field, or you'd simply just like to book a lesson to make sure your doing it 'right.' 

I've taught private yoga to many individuals and groups and I know from experience that yoga can be tailored to any of these reasons - and more. 

A private yoga class will help get you started and bring you closer towards where you want to go.

It will work with a clear focus that's directed towards your needs - which can be hard to find in a group yoga class.

Tailoring a personal practice with individual modifications that suit your needs, and designing a bespoke sequence to support your health and wellness goals, begins with an hour one-on-one private class.

It is suitable for individual clients and groups of all levels and abilities.

Private yoga can be catered for corporate groups and team building days or created to the occasion - whether that is a weekend away with friends, a personalised workshop for a hens party, or any other event.  

You can book a private yoga class to be held at your place, office or preferred location.

Let's get started.