private yoga classes 


Registered Yoga Teacher (200RYT) & Naturopath (BNatMed).

My classes are a blend of safe alignment and creative sequencing, with a naturopathic twist.

When I look out into a class full of practicing yogi’s do you know what I see?

Lot’s of Lululemon?, I hear you say.

Well, yes, but I also see 20-30 individual bodies. Some are more flexible. Some are tighter, or stronger. Some are working with injuries and illness. Others have come to manage work or lifestyle stress.

Students who have been practicing for years rock up and unroll their mats right next to a newbie who’s just bought a beginners pass at reception.

I accomodate everyone as much as 75 minutes will allow. I call out pregnancy modifications, and suggest props to support each pose.

Still, there’s so much more yoga can give.

Individual modifications for rotator cuff injuries. Breaking down the fundamental alignment for beginners. Tailoring an entire class to benefit athletes, or office workers. Creating fun sequences for special events.

That’s the realm of a private yoga lesson.

Private yoga meets the needs of the individual, or group. It’s where we can delve deeper, and utilise everything I have gleaned about yoga, and naturopathy, from over ten years of teaching.

It’s how I can help increase individual strength, or flexibility. It’s where I teach yoga practices specific to back injuries, hip replacements, or common conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Private yoga lessons focus on supporting your health and wellbeing. You will learn sequences specific to your injury, or illness; gain unique tools for stress management and relief; discover the basic fundamentals of yoga; and learn how to begin, maintain, rehabilitate or deepen your personal practice.

I can help you organise yoga at your workplace, or special event. From hens parties, to weekends away with friends and family.

If you’d like to book a lesson, please call me on 021 660 451, or get in touch.