Want a Plan for Great Health That's Just For You?


Great health begins with listening to your body.

If something isn't working well, our body will communicate this via symptoms.

A  naturopath aims to listens to those symptoms, in order to identify the root cause of them.


Once we find the root cause, then we can treat it.

Symptoms will then be managed, improved, or healed as a result.

Treatment can involve a combination of nutritional and dietary recommendations, herbal medicine, prescription supplementslifestyle modifications, yoga and meditation.

A treatment plan is designed to support the health needs of the individual. As a result, the length of treatment time will vary from person to person.

The overall aim of treatment is to create, and maintain, the best conditions for optimal health to thrive in. 

Naturopathy can be used to help manage, treat and support a range of diagnosed health conditions and concerns relating to digestion, hormones, depression and anxiety, skin, the musculoskeletal system, allergies and asthma, stress management, sleep and more.

An initial consultation of an hour gives us the time to review your health history and current concerns, perform any physical tests that are needed and create a treatment plan for you.

Prior to this consultation I will email you a form (or you can download it) that you can print off, fill in and bring with you. This form is detailed to ensure I have all the information I need to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Please allow an hour to fill in this form and bring it with you to the consultation, along with any relevant lab tests and medical notes.

Your personal treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. It's your path to great health, and your naturopath will guide you through it. 

A note on supplements:

The strength, quality and efficacy of prescription supplements and herbal medicine differ greatly to those you can buy off the shelf. When prescribed by a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist you are assured you are taking the right supplement for you, in the correct dosage that will best treat your individual needs.