Moon Juice Mad

The glass is always half full

The glass is always half full

If Moon Juice was a planet, I would move there.

Greens would grow in abundance and I’d be on a continual high swimming in Blue Moon Water while varieties of Moon Dust effected their magic upon me.

Before you double check the url link you clicked on, let me explain.

Moon Juice is a shop in Venice Beach, LA. It  specialises in organic cold pressed juices and ‘Moon Milks’, which are drinks of activated organic nut and seed milks. Using raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts and seaweeds, each drink is made with an intended health and beauty benefit. The brilliant colours of the organic ingredients are reflected in their enticing names. Blue Moon Water, California Sun and Strawberry Good Looks. I wanted them all.  

'Moon Dusts' are powdered herbal formulas made accessible. It was the accessibility that got me - again. During three classes of Yoga a day in L.A, having medicinal strength herbal drinks that readily available had me feeling like a nerdy kid in a dairy-free ice-cream shop. Surrounded by adaptogens, delirious with ghee.

Medicinal herbs are used to enhance overall health and well-being, and for the management of acute and chronic health conditions. Therapeutic doses of herbal medicine are especially effective for the health of the digestive, reproductive and nervous systems. Herbs are an extension of a healthy diet, containing as much nutritional value as whole foods.

Combining the two together is taking eat your greens to a whole new level. 

The combination of medicinal and whole food nourishment with craving-creating good taste is where Moon Juice really shines. Action meets flavour. Pure cacao (a taste fiesta in any form) is rich in anti-oxidants, mood-enhancing B vitamins and minerals. Blended together with He Shou Wu, a Chinese herb for energy and longevity, and immune strengthening mushrooms, means your body can soak up all the goodness from Mother Natures finest, while your taste buds are still happy. 

Moon Juice uses a mixture of traditional Chinese and Indian herbs, making particularly good use of the stress-relieving heroes of the herb world, adaptogens. Adaptogens are known for their ability to help the body adapt to and cope with stress. Ashwaganda, an adaptogenic herb from India, is blended with turmeric, cardamom and coconut nectar, sweetly delivering all the benefits turmeric and cardamom have to offer. Anti-inflammatory, skin nourishing and liver cleansing, to name a few. Vegas was my next destination after L.A, so I stocked up on the liver cleansing juices while I had the chance (prevention is better than cure).

When meal time came around, there was no shortage of places to eat. Like the abundance of yoga studios, L.A has much to offer when it comes to eating out. I'll admit I didn't venture far. Right across the road from Moon Juice, was Cafe Gratitude. 

Cafe Gratitude is a raw food, vegan café that epitomises health consciousness. At its heart is the understanding that a holistic diet is more than the food we eat. With a nod to feeding your conscience as well as your belly, each dish is labelled with the ability to turn your meal into a personal affirmation.

After being seated, I was encouraged to order my food with the prefix of 'I AM'. This allowed the menu to come alive with more possibilities than a healthy lunch. Glancing down at my menu, I heard the gentleman at the table next to me proclaim 'I am Magical'. 'Excellent Sir', replied the server. A short while later, I watched with mild food envy as a vegan burger, overflowing with sprouts, was placed before him. With a flick of platinum blonde, the woman in the booth opposite me declared she was Fabulous, and was presented with raw lasagna for her effort.

It was too hard to choose. It was also tempting to choose based entirely on what each item was called. With a small smile, I announced to the waitress 'I am Immortal', before being delivered a immune enhancing, energy providing blend of warm almond milk, reishi mushrooms, macuna, shilajit (an Indian herb) and cinnamon.

I ordered something new each time I returned. 'I am Golden' when I wanted a turmeric latte (made using fresh turmeric root, ginger and almond milk). 'I am Vibrant' when I was leaning towards matcha (a powdered form of green tea rich in anti-oxidants spun into an almond milk latte)

Both Moon Juice and Cafe Gratitude fuelled me through five days of Yoga in LA. It wasn't enough. Coming back through America five weeks later, I had a eight hour stop-over in L.A. I took a Uber from the airport to Venice Beach. I took another yoga class. And I made one last stop at Moon Juice and Cafe Gratitude to stock pile take away items for the thirteen hour flight back to NZ. 

After arriving home in Auckland, I was delighted to find all three coffee alternatives and a new food menu to delve into at True Food and Yoga. I have recently started teaching in this beautiful space. It feels like a slice of L.A in my own backyard, preparing for class in the studio that overlooks the ocean, while sipping on a turmeric latte.

OK, 'I am Honest', sometimes a long black with cream.

It's got the best of both worlds.