Practice Mindfulness With These Activities

There’s something to be said for mindfulness.

It provides immense stress relief, clarity of mind and eases anxiety .


This morning I was in the midst of a mindfulness void. Putting the eggs on the stove to boil I set about multi-tasking my morning, simultaneously making lunch, getting dressed, packing my bag and – so I thought – making breakfast. As I was hopping about one-footed putting my leggings on, my damp hair wrapped in a towel, I smelt a odd smell coming from the kitchen. Rushing to the kitchen and looking down upon the stove, I saw my breakfast eggs laying motionless in a sea of cold water. On the element next to them however, the lid of the pot was warming up quite nicely. I turned off the stove, half dressed, and realised I wasn’t going to be making it out the door with breakfast this morning. It happens to the best of us.

Mindfulness is a way to connect to the present moment. The present moment gets thrown aorund a lot in the yoga community. Be present. #presence. Live in the moment. This is good if the present moment is something you need to pay attention to, like cooking. It gets hard on the flipside though, when you concentrate on the present moment so much that you neglect to think ahead.

Using mindfulness wisely is the key. A friend of mine once said he likes to live with one eye on the now and one eye on the future. I like this analogy. It reminds me to live with focus on what I am doing, while maintaining awareness of where these actions might be leading me.

Being aware of the present moment is the key to staying connected to what is happening right now. Being aware of what is going on right now is how you stay out of the mental trap of worrying about the future, mourning the past, or burning your breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes these things are necessary. Reminsicing and planning have their place. It is when they become a habit that gets out of control that we have a problem.

There are many ways to practice mindfulnes. Yoga  is one way in which we use the body and breath to connect to what is happening right now. Art can be another way. Drawing or writing can provide a sense of timelessness. Meditation is another; some people enjoy running, walking or cooking.

Finding an activity that helps you connect to what is happening right now, or simply using an everyday activity such as cooking to become fully immersed in the present moment, can give your mind the mental break it needs to calm down and slow down.

It is in this space, that we usually find answers pop up that we were trying so hard to reach for.

 Let go and live a little more in the now, it helps.

Your breakfast will taste amazing for it too.