A Short Reminder About Starting Small

I love this sign. It’s a good reminder to do what makes your heart sing – a little bit each day. Doing a little bit each day means thatafter a month you’ll know if this is what truely makes your heart sing, or if it’s just the idea of it making your head sing.

Better to find this out by doing a small piece of the dream each day, rather than leaving everything in life right now as you know it to dive into your passion.

Not that this is always a bad thing. Sometimes though, it’s easy to get carried away with the idea of the dream, to use it as a way to escape the current situation.

Building little parts of the dream into your everyday life is a way to test the waters.  Flirt with the dream. That way after some time you’ll know if your ready to make the full commitment, or if it’s just a dream fling.

What makes your heart sing?