How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

Ah, New Years. Bridget Jones’s favourite time of year. Lose 20 pounds, quit smoking, find Mr Right. All in one year. Easy.

Not really. If your resolution this year is to ‘lose weight’ ‘eat healthy’ ‘drink less’ ‘exercise more’ consider making your resolution into something more……. less.

Most of the time new years resolutions fail not because of us, but because of the goal.

Lots of big, broad, undefined goals of grand magnitude and size.

Consider picking just one of the things off your life-changing list.

Yes, just one.

Once you have your one item, lets say it’s ‘eat healthy’, define what exactly you mean by that.

Does eating healthy to you mean eating more vegetables?

Does it mean eating quinoa because you just learnt it's pronounced 'ken-wah' (your not the only one to ask the confused supermarket employee where the 'kwi-noa' is!) 

Or does it mean choosing salad instead of fries when your at a restaurant?

Decide for yourself what ‘eating healthy’ means to you. 

Pick your one thing, DEFINE it for yourself – make it your goal.

Then find one action that moves you toward that goal. If your still wondering what your goal is, a naturopathic consult can help with that.

Then, (here's the trick) DO. IT.

Today, tomorrow, the day after, the day after that and after a while, this will become second nature for you. 

The secret to keeping your new years resolutions is choosing something small, that you can relate to, and then do one action every day to get towards it.

‘Eating healthy’ is too big, too broad – and also too confusing.

Eating wholegrain toast instead of white bread is achievable and not too disruptive to your daily life.

One thing, scale it down, do it.

Bring on 2017.