naturopathic consultations

Qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (BNatMed).


Healthy skin starts within. My work with a wide range of clients, coupled with personal experience, has led me to develop a passion for helping others achieve clear, glowing skin.

Your skin acts like a mirror reflecting back to you the current state of your health.

Treating the cause of internal imbalances can help the body heal external symptoms.

Triggers for common skin conditions come from your eating habits and how you digest food, the way you move, the quality of your sleep, and/or the products you use.

By using a personalised blend of nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, and lifestyle advice, I aim to treat the root cause of frequent flare-ups and skin concerns that continue to persist, and may have not responded to previous treatment.

To develop the best Wellness Plan for you, I ask that you complete this Health Assessment Form prior to your initial appointment.

This allows enough time to obtain your medical history, provide nutritional and dietary recommendations, recommend laboratory testing, and give you with the outline of your health plan, in your initial consultation.

Initial consultations are an hour long, and are available in person at Golden Yogi Studio or online upon request.

Prior to your appointment please download your Health Assessment Form and print it.

Allow yourself enough time to fill in the whole 7 pages and bring it with you to your initial consultation.

Please remember to bring with you:

  • Your completed Health Assessment Form - this maximises our time together

  • Any recent relevant lab results, medical notes, current medications and supplements etc.