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reverse warrior

Before I was old enough to globetrot, I satisfied my curiosity by reading. When I set out into the world later on in life, writing was a buoy to my travels. All that I learnt, experienced, discovered and lived, I put down on the page. I’ve got a bunch old notebooks covered in stickers sitting on the top shelf of my wardrobe, with all kind of adventures inside.

In 2008, I moved from Barcelona to Melbourne, became a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200), and yoga became my anchor.

Inspired by a regular practice, my students, and a desire to learn more about the human body (our most precious asset), I returned home to New Zealand and completed a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (BNatMed).

Since then, I have taught yoga in studios, at the workplace, for organised events, and to private clients, in the comfort of their own homes. My classes are a blend of safe alignment and creative sequencing, with a naturopathic twist. I encourage students to enjoy working with their bodies to build strength, develop flexibility and speed up the healing and rehabilitation process.

Along the way, I served as an Ambassador for Lululemon New Zealand, contributed to Viva, Stuff, M2 Woman and TVNZ, collaborated with Huckleberrys Whole Foods (yum) and Little Bird Organics (double yum). 

 My work with a wide range of clients, coupled with personal experience, led me to develop a passion for healthy skin. I enjoy using the tools and knowledge I have gained from over a decade working in the health and wellness industry to create health plans unique to my clients' needs.  

When I’m not teaching, I’m writing. About life on the mat, and the adventures off it. I’m happiest writing about yoga, well being, travel, interesting people, and nature.

I love the beach, the outdoors, and doing yoga in the sun to good music. Curiosity keeps me inspired. I keep my teaching and writing fresh by exploring new places (including life underwater), learning new ideas, and meeting interesting people.

If you want to start yoga, rehabilitate an injury, or book a naturopathic skin consultation, I can help.

If your looking for travel pieces, lifestyle stories and health articles chocca full of credible goodness, contact me at hello@daniramaekers.co.nz.

And if you’ve got the time, go grab a cuppa and meet me back here. It’s the next best thing to those sticker covered notebooks on my wardrobes top shelf.


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